Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Round of Rebellion by Female Dispatched Workers to Oppose the Japan Staffing Services Association

The Japan Staffing Services Association claims that enforcing regulations would mean fewer jobs for dispatched workers. But how true is this claim? It has only been just over six months since we felt the shock felt of seeing the jobless tent city at the start of the year. Despite this, both the ruling and opposing parties have stalled on the Dispatched Employee Law and we are back at square one. The dispatched services industry is active in blocking any regulation. In the midst of a potential change of government, newspapers have reported that the industry bigwigs have attempted to influence Diet members in the Democratic Party. We can no longer stay silent about this watching from the sidelines. We need your support to get 100,000 signatories for more regulation to protect dispatched workers in opposition to the petition being organised by the Japan Staffing Services Association to block any regulation of the industry. On August 5, we protested the Japan Staffing Services Association and had a cosplay march of anger. The rebellion by female dispatched workers will continue until we see the realization of further restrictions in the Dispatched Employee Law. (Written by Action Center for Working Women).

人材派遣協会の署名に反対しよう~オンナ・ハケンの乱 第一弾
 規制を強めると派遣労働の仕事がなくなるって、人材派遣会社はいうけど、ほんとにそう? 年末年始の派遣村の衝撃から、まだ半年と少ししかたっていないのに、与野党の派遣法案は廃案となり仕切りなおしとなりました。派遣業界は、規制阻止の動きを活発にしています。政権交代が叫ばれる中で、その動きは民主党議員にも働きかけがされていると新聞で報道されました。私たちは黙って、もう見ていることはできません。人材派遣協会の規制強化阻止の署名に反対し、派遣労働の規制強化を求める10万人署名活動に協力をして下さい。8月5日には人材派遣協会に抗議申し入れと怒りのコスプレパレードも行います。オンナ・ハケンの乱は、派遣法規制実現まで続くキャンペーンです。(働く女性の全国センター)

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