Sunday, December 13, 2009

Anger Manifested at Irresponsible Attitude of the Hatoyama Administration --- Rally in front of the Diet building with Okinawan Delegate

 During lunch break on November 10, 100 citizens got together in front of the Second Diet Members' Building for the House of Representatives to stage a rally "Article Nine Revision Blocking Association's Nov 10 Diet Building Sit-in." The Okinawan delegate unanimously expressed their anger at the irresponsible behavior of the Hatoyama administration concerning the policy toward Futenma Airbase. Mr. Ashitomi, representing Nago Council against the Helicopter Base Construction in Okinawa, expressed strong anger saying, "What's going on in the mind of Foreign Affairs Minister Okada when he mentioned his plan for integration of Futenma Base with Kadena Base happening? What is Prime Minister Hatoyama thinking about when he tolerated it?" The delegate's appeal action toward the Hatoyama administration and Diet members takes place on November 10 and 11 as President Obama's visit to Japan is scheduled on November 13. (Masanori Yumoto) See animation (Uniontube).

 11月10日昼、衆議院第2議員会館前には100名が集まり、沖縄の11・8県民大会上京団を迎え「9条を守り、憲法改悪を許さない11・10国会前集会」が開催された。沖縄の上京団は異口同音に、鳩山内閣の普天間基地政策をめぐる無責任さに怒りを露わにしていた。これまでずっと普天間基地県内移設候補に挙げられてきた辺野古の「ヘリ基地反対協議会」代表委員、安次富(あしとみ)さんは、「普天間基地の嘉手納基地統合案を語る外務大臣の頭の中は、一体どうなっているのか? その発言を許した鳩山首相は、一体何を考えているのか!」と強い怒りの意志を表明した。上京団は13日のオバマ米大統領来日を前に、10~11日と鳩山内閣をはじめ国会議員への要請を行なう。(湯本雅典)動画(UnionTube)

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