Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education Goes Ahead with "Recurrence Prevention Training" on Nezu and Kawarai --- Supporters Stage Action of Furor

 On November 11, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education went ahead with "recurrence prevention training" on Ms. Kimiko Nezu and Ms. Junko Kawarai shortly after it imposed punishment on them with six-month suspension for their refusal to stand up and sing Kimigayo, the national anthem of Japan (in a graduation ceremony at school). Early in the morning, despite downpour of rain, about 40 supporters gathered at the Metropolitan Teacher Training Center at Suidobashi to raise voices in protest. With no reason given for the training and no response made to several instances of appeal action, their furor toward the board of education was boiling. On this day again, they had a letter of request prepared to be totally ignored. The representative of the Association against Dismissal for Kimigayo attempted to enter the premises of the Center, saying "At least you should receive this," the board personnel hurriedly formed a human barricade. In push and shove at the entrance, they eventually received the request though unwillingly.
(M) Photo: Tokyo residents with placards 

 11月11日、君が代不起立で6ヶ月の停職処分をされたばかりの根津公子さん・河原井純子さんに対して、都教委は「再発防止研修」を強行した。どしゃぶりの雨にもかかわらず、早朝から支援者約40名が水道橋・都教員研修センターに集まり、抗議の声を上げた。一切研修の理由も示さず、数度にわたる要請にも応えない都教委に対する怒りは沸点をこえていた。この日も要請書を持参したが、まったく無視する態度。「受け取るくらいしてほしい」と「解雇させない会」の代表が、センター内に入ろうとすると都教委職員は慌てて人間バリケードをつくった。入口で揉めるなか、都教委はしぶしぶ要請書を受けとらざるをえなかった。(M) *写真=一都民がプラカード

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