Sunday, December 13, 2009

Five Hundred Demonstrators in Tokyo Protest the US Embassy in Solidarity with Okinawans against Base Construction in Henoko

With the issue of extra-prefectural transfer of Futenma Airbase in Okinawa developing rapidly in the wake of the approach of November 13 visit of President Obama to Japan, 500 citizens in Tokyo got together at 2:00 p.m., November 8, in Mizutanibashi Park, the Ginza, to march through downtown Tokyo in solidarity with the Okinawa People's Rally against Base Construction in Henoko that was concurrently held. The Tokyo rally was organized by the executive committee for preventing base construction in Henoko. With dugong-shaped huge balloons pt up and in various eye-catching costumes, they appealed to citizens out on Sunday streets of central Tokyo with chants, "Don't kill the sea of dugons!"and "Out with US bases in Okinawa!" After once disbanded in Hibiya Park,they gathered again in front of the US embassy for the rally representative to make appeal (TM at the reporting department) See animation on the Ginza demonstration.


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