Sunday, December 13, 2009

“Waiting for an answer from Transport Minister” ? Nov. 26 rally for solving mass firing of railway workers

The “Nov. 26 Rally for Solving Mass Firing of Railway Workers” was held at the Seiryo Kaikan Hall from 17:30 on November 26, 2009. It was hosted by four groups for demanding a political solution of the dismissal of 1,047 former National Railway workers. The number of the dismissed members of struggle groups and their families who joined the rally reached 365, the biggest ever. Lawmakers from the Democratic Party of Japan, the Social Democratic Party, the People’s New Party, Komeito (Clean Government Party) and the Japanese Communist Party also participated in the rally as guests. Nihei Hisakatsu, chairperson of the Joint Struggle Congress, emphasized that a solution is nearing, saying, “We have passed our demand for the solution of the mass firing problem to the Transport Minister through a congressperson of the DPJ. It is to request the solution to be concluded by February 16, 2010 so that every dismissed former railway worker can make a living, and we have specifically informed JR (Japanese Rail) of the number of persons to be employed and the amount of the settlement. Now it is the turn of the minister to make a decision”. (M)


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