Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unjust Ruling by Supreme Court ― In the Lawsuit against Disguised Contracting of Matsushita Plasma Display

On the December 18 afternoon, the Second Petty Bench of the Supreme Court (chaired by Chief Justice Yukio Takeuchi) gave an unjust ruling rejecting all items in Mr. Tsutomu Yoshioka's petition except for the one for compensation for harassment toward Mr. Yoshioka (Mobile cell phone flash by Ko Kurogane).
Unjustly dismissed after accusing Matsushita Plasma Display for its disguised contracting practices, Mr. Tsutomu won a complete victory on April 25 at the Osaka High Court when the court ordered that the dismissal be revoked. The epoch-making significance of the High Court ruling lies in that the disguised contracting Mr. Yoshioka was forced to be engaged in was tried under the Article 6 of the Labor Standards Law banning intermediate exploitation as well as Article 44 of the Employment Security Law banning the worker brokering business, which ruling gave hope to non-regular workers. The recent ruling of the Supreme Court absolutely denied the High Court decision. A reporting rally will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Employment Service Center in the evening. (Yoshioka-kai)

松下プラズマディスプレイの偽装請負を告発し、不当解雇された吉岡力さんは08年4月25日、大阪高裁で解雇撤回の全面勝利を手にしていた。高裁判決の画期的意義は、吉岡さんが強いられた偽装請負を、労働者供給事業を禁じた職業安定法44条と中間搾取を禁じた労働基準法6条を根拠に裁いたことにあり、非正規労働者に希望を与えるものだった。今回の最高裁判決はこの高裁判決をまっこうから否定するものになった。夜には東京しごとセンターで報告集会が開かれる。(M) 吉岡会

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