Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"'Low Price Is Love.' ― Really?" Video Screening in Protest against Seiyu's Low-price Competition Strategy

On December 23, in front of the Seiyu Sangenjaya store, the DHL Union (a chapter of the Japan Construction and Transport Industry Workers Solidarity Union) staged a protest action by means of video screening. The DHL Union organizes truck drivers exclusively contracted for Seiyu Ltd., a major supermarket chain, and Seiyu is the first player in the retail business to operate "24 hours a day, 365 days a year" as well as to employ a low-price strategy with products such as "298-yen lunch" and "850-yen jeans." Their price reduction policy is squeezing those who actually sweat at their work. Severe cost reduction is resulting in frequent occurrences of occupational injuries including bone fractures, ligament damages and head injuries, with which DHL or Seiyu has not coped properly. The DHL Union plans to take protest action in front of the shop during the Christmas and New Year sales campaigns.
(Tokachi Tsuchiya, Solidarity Union)


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