Thursday, March 25, 2010

International Anti-Poverty Campaign “No-Vox” Holds Rally

Japan’s very first “No-Vox International Solidarity Forum” was held from March 1 to 7 in Tokyo and Osaka. About 50 people attended a symposium at Tokyo’s Meiji University on March 6. (See photo) “No-Vox” (International Network for the voiceless and have-nots) is an international group based in Paris working against poverty. It acts against social exclusion and fights to regain rights to live, while it seeks for new labor and social movements. Ann Boulle, No-Vox activist, introduced victorious cases they won when they stopped demolition of rental apartments and also a case where a woman could not return home because she could not pay hospital bills during pregnancy. “What we need is to unite our movement. Otherwise, we could not prevail in the neo-liberalism,” she said. (By Y)

 日本で初めての「NO―VOX 国際連帯フォーラム」が3月1日から7日まで、東京と大阪で開かれているが、6日、東京・明治大学でシンポジウムがあり約50人が参加した(写真)。「NO―VOX」(声なき者、持たざる者の国際ネットワーク)は、パリを拠点とした国際的な反貧困運動グループで、社会的な排除に抗する、生きる権利を取り戻す闘いと、非正規の労働運動を結び、新たな労働運動・社会運動の展望と可能性を探っている。NO-VOXの中心的活動家であるアニー・ブールさんは、出産費用が払えず病院から家に帰れないケースや、賃貸住宅の解体工事を阻止した闘いなど、いくつもの勝利の事例を紹介し、「私たちに必要なのは異なった運動がひとつになることだ。そうしなければ新自由主義に勝てない」と強調した。(Y)

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Just a year later and the recent earthquake and tsunami (together with the ongoing nuclear power plant problems) have devastated much of Japan. If ever there was a need to address the problem of poverty in this part of the world it is now.