Friday, March 12, 2010

"No to Poverty, Yes to Solidarity" meeting held --- 500 participants from unions

On February 28, lawyers including attorney Keiichi Uchikawa and activist organizations held a "No to Poverty, Yes to Solidarity" meeting at the Naka Ward Office Hall, Nagoya. More than 500 people participated in heated discussion. The agenda included talks by Makoto Yuasa and Kenji Utsunomiya, messages from four parties concerned such as the plaintiffs of the "Free/Low Price Lodging Center" lawsuit, and appeals from 13 organizations. At this meeting, the participants agreed to work toward creation of Aichi Anti-Poverty Network in May. After the meeting, a spirited parade took place to a Toyota building in front of Nagoya Station. A lot of unionist joined from Women's Union, Sasajma Day Worker Labor Union, Nagoya Fureai Union, General Union, ATU, JMIU, Aichi Solidarity Union and other local union members. (Aichi Solidarity Union) (See the Aichi Solidarity Union website.)

 2月28日、名古屋市中区役所ホールで、内河恵一弁護士などの法律家や運動団体がよびかける「なくそう貧困、つながろう愛知集会」が開かれました。500人を超える人が集まり、熱気あるものになりました。集会は、湯浅誠さんと宇都宮健児さんの講演、「無料定額宿泊所裁判」原告など4組の当事者の発言、さらに13団体のアピールがありました。そして、5月に反貧困ネットワーク愛知の結成をめざすことが確認されました。集会後は、名古屋駅前通称トヨタビルまでのパレードが元気に行われました。女性ユニオン、笹日労、名古屋ふれあいユニオン、ゼネラルユニオン、ATU、JMIU、愛知連帯ユニオンなど地域のユニオンの仲間も多く参加しました。(愛知連帯ユニオン) ・愛知連帯ユニオンHP