Thursday, March 25, 2010

Urgent Call to Stop Job Interviews for Temp Workers ~ Japan Bar Association Demands Dispatch Law Revision

A rally to demand revision of Japan’s Dispatch Law was help on March 5 at Sohyo Kaikan in Tokyo to call for protecting the rights of the temp workers. Japan’s Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry is aiming to win agreement from the Cabinet on the Dispatch Law revision. However, the Social Democratic Party of Japan and the New Party of the government have been criticizing the proposed revisions by saying that the new proposals are backward from the “three-party agreement” reached with the Democratic Party of Japan when they were on opposition coalition. While some credit the proposals, others are concerned that the revisions fail to regulate the outsourcing companies. The proposals allow companies to require job interviews from temp workers even though the outsourcing companies have the hiring responsibilities. If job interviews are allowed, the companies that offer jobs would have to bear hiring responsibilities. (By Toru Sakai)


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