Friday, March 12, 2010

We won't tolerate gutting of the radical revision of the Worker Dispatch Law! -- Emergency rally in the Diet Members' Building attracts 140 protesters

Summary of the Draft Law for Revising Part of the Worker Dispatch Law submitted to the Labor Policy Council on February 27 even shows some adverse revisions from the current. Far from radical correction, it is going backward. On February 19, in the upper house members' building, "2.19 Diet Members' Building Rally: We Want Solution at the Initiative of Policy Makers, We Won't Tolerate Gutting of the Radical Revision of the Worker Dispatch Law!" was held (see photo). The conference room was packed with 140 participants, and a number of new reporters came to collect material. Parties dispatched respective representatives such as Mizuho Fukushima DSP leader and Tokushin Yamauchi Upper House member from the DSP, Yoshio Yamashita from Japan Communist Party, and Hitomi Kudo from the Democratic Party of Japan. Furthermore, the unions forming the Joint Action for Radical Revision of the Worker Dispatch Law pointed out that the recent response of the Labor Policy Council indicates serious step back from the agreements among the three parties, namely the DPJ, DSP and PNP, and expressed an uncompromising attitude against it. (Nagasaki, Tokyo Tobu)

 2月17日労働政策審議会に諮問された「労働者派遣法の一部を改正する法律要綱」は、現行派遣法よりも改悪されている箇所すらあります。抜本改正どころか後退です。2月19日参議院議員会館で、「2.19緊急院内集会 政治主導で解決してほしい 派遣法抜本改正の骨抜きは許せません!」が開催されました(写真)。会議室があふれんばかりの140名の参加者で、多くのマスコミも取材に駆けつけていました。各党から、社民党の福島瑞穂党首、山内徳信代議士や共産党の山下芳生議員、民主党の工藤仁美代議士らも参加しました。また、<労働者派遣法の抜本改正をめざす共同行動>の各組合は、今回の労政審答申は、民主・社民・国民新党3党で合意した内容を大きく後退し、決して容認出来ないことなど問題点を厳しく指摘しました。(東京東部労組・長崎)

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