Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great success for Labor Festival: Workers’ International Solidarity and Culture

On December 23, Labor Festival 2010 was held at the Tokyo Work Center. The ninth annual Festival was an expression of workers voice, with various forms of workers’ culture, such as movie, drama, music, three minutes video, Senryu and reciting. The main features were a Turkish film “People of Resistance” depicting tobacco workers fight against privatization in Turkey and a Korean film “First Love across the Sea”, featuring solidarity of Korean and Japanese workers in the Korean Sumida dismissal case. The three minutes video and labor songs were also well received. There were many warm comments from the participants, such as “I felt the importance of international solidarity of workers”, “I was impressed with the power of workers’ culture”. The number of participants was 280, which was the second highest in the history of Labor Festival. The mobilization and the content of the Festival were results of the long efforts of the Labor Festival movement.(M)
U-stream: Three minutes video “Japan Red Cross: a focus of bullying”

12月23日、レイバーフェスタ2010が東京しごとセンターで開催された。9回目の今回のフェスタは、映画・演劇・音楽・3分ビデオ・川柳・朗読のさまざまな形で、はたらくものの声を表現した。民営化とたたかうトルコたばこ労働者を描いた「抵抗者」、韓国スミダ争議の日韓連帯を描いた「海を越えた初恋」の上映を中心に、3分ビデオ・レイバーソング等で盛り上がった。「労働者の国際連帯の大切さ」「文化の力を感じた」の声が寄せられた。参加者は280名でフェスタ歴代2位。これまでの運動の積み重ねが、内容・集客に結実したフェスタになった。(М) ・ユーストリーム配信  ・3分ビデオ「日赤・いじめの病巣」  *写真=大入り満員の会場

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