Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Support Committee for JAL Reinstatement Set UP: Widespread anger against unfair dismissal

On December 27, just four days before the dismissal of 170 Japan Airlines workers, the National Support Committee for the Reinstatement of JAL Workers was set up in Tokyo, gathering 220 people. The International Labor Organization has made clear that the dismissal is unfair and the fallacy of this personnel cut has gradually been known to the public. At the inauguration meeting, the workers scheduled to be dismissed spoke with humor and vigor. One of them said, “JAL is a vicious company full of discrimination against women, handicapped, foreign and union workers. So everyone has some connection with the problems in JAL, and we want to fight together with everyone.”On the same day, there was also a protest against JAL dismissal in Taiwan.

 12月27日、大晦日170名の整理解雇を目前にして「日本航空の不当解雇撤回をめざす国民支援共闘会議」(略称=JAL解雇撤回国民共闘。全労連・全労協・市民団体で構成)が、超満員の220名を集めて都内で結成された。ILOなど国際機関がいち早く「不当な解雇」であることを表明するなど、時間とともに、整理解雇のデタラメぶりが明らかになっている。集会で解雇対象者は、ユーモアたっぷり、元気いっぱいに決意を述べた。ある当該は「日航は女性差別・障害者差別・外国人差別・組合差別の悪霊三昧の企業。必ずみんなが抱える問題につながっている。国民一緒にたたかいたい」と訴えた。またこの日、台湾でも「牛糞」抗議行動が行われた。(M) 結成集会の写真・台湾の抗議行動・キャビンクルーユニオンHP  ・動画(UnionTube)  *写真=団結ガンバロー(結成集会)

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