Monday, January 10, 2011

Tasukeai Net event casts hope in hardships

The Tasukeai Net’s 3rd annual live event, “Bread and Roses 6,” was held in Tokyo’s trendy Roppongi district on Dec. 9. More than 230 people, mainly youngsters, came to the live house, where the top 10 news of the last three years concerning Japan’s poverty was introduced by Makoto Yuasa and Makoto Kawazoe. The event featured politicians, including former prime minister Yukio Hatoyama, Kaoru Yosano, Mizuho Fukushima and Akira Koike, who discussed social issues relating to the top 10 news. “The change of government invited Mr. Yuasa to the government and that was revolutionary. He insisted that he never wanted to be in the prison-like place,” Hatoyama said. “But I persuaded him by saying that I’m also in it, so let’s go together.” The speakers also discussed the number of suicidal deaths, mass dismissal of dispatch workers (temps), and the society that lost family ties. Though the serious talk, the audience was entertained by music, jokes, films, and the event was filled with hope. (By M) Live film footage (archive) Photo: dismissal of temps

 12月9日、東京・六本木のライブハウスで、反貧困たすけあいネットワーク3周年記念イベント「BREAD AND ROSES 6」が開催された。若い人を中心に参加者は230人を超えた。湯浅誠・河添誠両氏の司会で、過去3年間の「貧困問題10大ニュース」を関係者と共に振り返った。政界からのゲストは、鳩山由紀夫・与謝野馨・福島瑞穂・小池晃の各氏。鳩山氏は「政権交代で画期的だったことは湯浅さんを政府に入れたこと。本人は“あんな牢屋みたいところはイヤだ”と固辞したが、“私も入ったのだから一緒に入ろう”と説得した」と笑わせた。また「無縁社会」「自殺者3万人」「派遣切り」報告など、社会の深刻な現状が浮き彫りにされた。イベントは、真剣な中にも笑いと音楽と映像にあふれ、楽しく希望に満ちたものだった。(М) ・全中継映像(アーカイブ) *写真=「派遣切り」報告

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