Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inamori’s remarks are unacceptable! Protest at JAL HQ for direct talks

At 3 PM of February 22, 2011, many union members and their supporters gathered in front of the headquarters of Japan Airlines at the Tennozu Isle District in Tokyo. Members of the JAL Cabin Crew Union uniformly carried a sash saying, “Withdraw the unlawful dismissal”, and wore an orange-colored scarf. The anger of the dismissed reached the boiling point due to JAL Chairperson Inamori’s remarks on February 8, “It was unnecessary to fire them for the purposes of reorganization”. Several dozens of plaintiffs tried to enter the JAL building to hand their request to the chairperson but were refused by guards and staffs of the airline. The refusal to enter caused heated exchanges between the union members and the JAL employees at the entrance to the building. The plaintiffs chanted, “Withdraw the unlawful dismissal” and “Inamori, show yourself!” (Photo) (M) Video (UnionTube) * Webpage of National Support and Joint Struggle Congress for the Withdrawal of Dismissal at JAL

稲盛発言は許せない!~直接対話を求めて JAL本社入口で抗議
 2月22日午後3時、東京・天王洲アイルのJAL本社前は組合旗がたなびき、多くの当該・支援者が集まった。日航キャビンクルーユニオンメンバーは、お揃いの「沈まぬ太陽」オレンジスカーフに「無法解雇を撤回せよ」のたすき掛け。気合いが入っている。2月8日の「整理解雇は不要だった」という稲盛発言で、解雇された当該の人達の怒りはピークに達していた。原告団メンバー数十人は、稲盛会長に要請書を手渡そうと、ビルに入ろうとしたが、警備員とJAL社員は入場を拒んだ。そのため入口で、約40分にわたり激しいやりとりが続いた。原告メンバーは「整理解雇を撤回せよ」「稲盛は出てこい」のシュプレヒコールをあげた(写真)。(M) 動画(UnionTube)  ・支援共闘会議HP 

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