Thursday, March 24, 2011

With big dismay we have heard from the disaster

The mail from LabourNet Germany:
Dear colleagues of the LaborNet Japan,
With big dismay we have heard from the disaster which has struck your country.
We do not know where you live and work, however, hope that it goes well to you, your families and friends.
If we can do something for you actually, let us know it?
Topically we would appeal for donations for non-profit or union groups. Do you have there any idea?
To you all the best and the best wishes from Germany

Mag Wompel
Ralf Pandorf
Helmut Weiss

Editorial Staff of the LabourNet Germany, Bochum
LabourNet Germany:
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People are worrying about the serious damage caused by the radiation

The mail from Labornet Japan:
Dear Friends at LabourNet Germany

Thank you for your message of solidarity to the people in Japan suffering from the biggest earthquake in history of our country.

At this moment, the overall scope of the casualties is not known. It is said that the number of casualties exceeds 10,000. As the efforts of search proceed, more and more tragic traces of tsunami are revealed.

In addition to the damage caused by the tsunami, malfunction at nuclear reactors in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Sites (First and Second) has led to the worst situation of core melt. People are worrying about the serious damage caused by the radiation,

At this moment, we are trying to get contact with our families and friends who might be involved. We will organize relief campaigh to support the victims.

We appreciate your offer for donations. We will distribute it to the victims through our network, for sure. The details are not decided yet.

We will pass your message to our supporters all over the country.

Thank you again.

Workers of the world, Unite!

14 March 2011
Labornet Japan
International Department
Masahito Takahei

* Photos upper:Kesennuma City on 12 March ( from Asahi Shinbun) lower:Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant taken by GeoEye from the New York Times

 大地震によって現在1万人を超える死者が予想されていますが、まだ被害の規模は分りません。時がたてばたつほど被害の規模が大きくなっているのが現状です。そして、海岸部での津波が最大の被害をもたらしましたが、同時に2か所の原発の事故も炉心溶融という最悪の事態に至り、今後さらに深刻な被害が予想され、国民は恐怖に包まれています。 私たちは家族友人の安否確認から、今犠牲者の救援に最大限力をつくそうとしてます。

レイバーネット日本 国際部 高幣真公

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