Thursday, March 24, 2011

Schools becoming the world of “Modern Times” – LaborNet TV “Special Program on Education”

On February 24, 2011, the first special program of “LaborNet TV” was broadcast for approximately 80 minutes with the title, “Too oppressive to breathe! What’s going on at schools in Tokyo now”. Teachers are nearly “suffocated” at schools in Tokyo under the governor Ishihara administration due to the coercion of the controversial “Hinomaru” Japanese national flag and “Kimigayo” national anthem, while freedom is suppressed. In the program, five teachers revealed the bare truth about what is happening at schools in Tokyo. A system to control teachers with PCs, called “Times”, is abnormal enough to astonish viewers, who said, “It’s the same as what is depicted in Charles Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’”. Tsuchiya Tokachi, caster, angrily said, “The system named ‘Times’ is disgusting. Why is it necessary to apply private sector’s methods to the public education sector unnecessarily?” Tsujitani Hiroko, a school teacher in Osaka, introduced what the governor Hashimoto’s administration is doing in the prefecture in pursuit of the practice in Tokyo, and the teachers’ resistance to the move, and appealed, “Start with raising your voice and working in solidarity”. * Archive viewing * Photo: Teachers talking about reality of schools (Left: Katayama Kaoru, facilitator)

 2月24日、「レイバーネットTV」初の特番「窒息寸前!学校現場・東京なう」が、約80分にわたり放送された。石原都政下の学校は、「日の丸・君が代」強制で教員がものが言えなくなり、自由が消滅し「窒息寸前」の状態にある。番組では、5人の教員が登場し赤裸々にその実態を語った。とくに「タイムス」と呼ばれるPCによる教員管理システムの異常さに、「チャップリンの映画『モダンタイムス』と同じ」と驚きの声がギャラリーから上がった。土屋トカチキャスターは「タイムスは気持ち悪い。民間企業のやり方を教育の場でやっていいのか」と怒りのコメント。また大阪の教員・辻谷博子さんは、「東京」を後追いする橋下府政の実態と抵抗を紹介し「まず声を出すこと、つながることから始めよう」と呼びかけた。 ・アーカイブ視聴  *写真=学校の実態を語る教員たち(左=司会の片山薫さん)

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