Thursday, March 24, 2011

We have a right to learn! Gathering held to demand free tuition program be immediately applied to Korean schools in Japan

A “meeting to demand free tuition program be immediately applied to Korean schools in Japan” was held at Yoyogi Park, Tokyo on February 26, 2011, joined by 1,500 participants. Currently, the application of the “free tuition program for high school” to Korean schools has been “frozen”. Korean school students cannot hold their anger and sadness any longer. Here are voices from Korean high school students. “At first, I thought the free tuition program would be applied to us. But it hasn’t, and I am angry with this situation” (1st year of high school). “I’m frustrated. I wonder why we cannot have the program without joining a demonstration” (2nd year of high school). “I come to this meeting as I think a right to learn is not supposed to be violated in any case” (2nd year of high school). The organizer of the gathering expressed his determination, “We will organize meetings and marches as many times as needed until the free tuition program is applied to Korean schools”. (Yumoto Masanori) Video (UnionTube), “Messages from students in the 3rd year of high school” (YouTube)

 2月26日、「朝鮮学校への『無償化』即時適用をもとめる大集会」が東京・代々木公園で開催され、1500人が集まった。現在、朝鮮学校への「高校無償化」適用手続きは「凍結」されている。卒業式を目前にして高校生の怒りと悲しみは、もう限界である。以下は、集会場での高校生・大学生の声。「最初は無償化がされると思っていた。でも未だに実現しないのには腹が立つ」(高1)。「もういらいらします。なんでデモに参加しなければ無償化が実現しないのか。疑問です」(高2)。「学ぶ権利というのは、どんな場合でも侵害されてはいけないと思って、集会に来ました」(高2)。主催者は、集会の最後に「無償化が実現するまで、何度でも集会、デモに取り組む」と決意を表明した。(湯本雅典) 報告・動画(UnionTube)「朝鮮高校3年生からのメッセージ」(YouTube)

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