Thursday, December 29, 2011

“10 Million Signatures” for denuclearization – 5,500 gathered in the rally

On December 10, 2011, 5,500 participated in a rally for “10 Million Signatures for Denuclearization” held at the Hibiya Open-air Music Hall in central Tokyo. The rally started with KANDA Kaori as MC, a professional storyteller who is active against nukes. OE Kenzaburo, one of the rally organizers and a Nobel laureate writer, criticized Japan’s Diet that approved an agreement to export nuclear power plants from Japan. Mr. Oe also strongly condemned the “rape” remarks of TANAKA Satoshi, former Okinawa Defense Bureau Chief, saying, “High-ranking officials forcibly implement (wrong) national policies while making such controversial remarks”. Mr. Oe appealed the movement for denuclearization be continued, saying, “Some doubt an effect of signatures, but wills of 10 million people will be reflected in the next election in any way for sure”. (Y)


12月10日、東京・千代田区の日比谷野外音楽堂で「がんばろう! さようなら原発 1000万署名」集会が開かれ、会場をうめつくす5500人が集まった。午後1時30分。講談師の神田香織さんの司会で集会が始まる。呼びかけ人の一人・作家の大江健三郎さんは、日本の原発を輸出する協定が国会で承認されたことを批判。また、沖縄での田中聡・前沖縄防衛局長の「犯す」発言に触れ、「高級官僚は、こうした問題発言をしながら、一方では『粛々とやる』などと言い放って強硬なやり方をしている」と厳しく糾弾。「署名が何の力になるのか、との声もあるが、1000万人の意思が集まれば、それは必ず何らかの形で次の選挙に反映される」と運動の継続を訴えた。(Y)


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