Thursday, December 29, 2011

“Simultaneous firing at the age of 65” is not valid! – 5 dismissed non-regular workers protest

At the end of September 2011, all of 14,000 temporary postal workers of 65 years or older were simultaneously fired in all around Japan. Among them, five dismissed workers protested against the firing on December 9, all from the Tokyo Metropolitan area. They filed a complaint to the Tokyo District Court on the invalid firing and the working regulations in Japan Post providing the age of retirement for temporary employees as being antisocial and invalid. After filing, they held a press conference (photo). Some have worked long since before the privatization of the postal services, and some others were older than 65 when hired by Japan Post. Most of them have not been informed of the working regulations that specify the age of retirement at 65. Their contracts were automatically renewed every six months even when they became older than 65. This unilateral firing is caused by “deficits” according to the management of Japan Post, but it is totally unacceptable. The Postal Workers Union has expressed its support for the group of the plaintiffs. The group will invite more dismissed workers. (TADANO Dave) * Webpage of Postal Workers Union


この9月末、65歳以上の郵政期間雇用社員が一斉に「雇い止め」解雇された。その数全国で1万4000人に上る。これに対して12月9日、首都圏の5人の被解雇者が立ち上がった。解雇の無効と有期雇用社員に対して定年制を設けた就業規則そのものが反社会的であり無効であるとして、東京地裁に提訴した。提訴後、記者会見を開きそれぞれの想いを訴えた(写真)。民営化以前から長年働いてきた方もいれば、65歳を超えてから職場に採用された方もいる。65歳定年制を記した就業規則があることさえ周知されていない。そもそもこれまで65歳を超えても普通に半年ごとの契約更新をされてきたのである。赤字を理由とした一方的なリストラは許せない。郵政ユニオンも原告団を支援していくことを表明した。原告団は今後もその数を増やしていく予定。(多田野 Dave)・郵政ユニオンHP

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