Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Get Rid of the Rule by Few! Get Rid of the Nuke Plants!" Satoshi Kamata Urged Workers

A workers' rally aiming for abolition of nuclear power plants organized by Japan Construction and Transport Industry Workers Solidarity Union, All Japan Dock workers' Union and the National Council of the National Union of General Workers was held on November 18 at Tamachi Kotsu Building in Tokyo. Mr. Satoshi Kamata, a well-known reportage writer, addressed the rally: "We who aim for a world without nuclear power plants are now in the middle of a fierce battle with those planning to restart the reactors currently at rest. We must work hard through to the victory. Only small parts of business community, politicians, academics and mass media are making profits out of nuclear power. An overwhelming majority of the population are against it, but they are not yet well organized into a political power. The nuclear power has been promoted as a national policy and politics can change the direction. Trade unions and activists must facilitate the change by turning people's will into a political power and leading the fight to liberate ourselves from the rule by few, the class struggle to break down the monopoly. To this end, it is important to make the movement easier for everybody to participate. Stop the complacency of the conventional movement with union flags. Seek for a new style. Be friendly to ordinary people so that they too can take part in the movement. Let's progress with our best efforts in actions such as 10 million signatures," he urged. (By M)




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