Thursday, December 15, 2011

Central Labour Relations Commission Orders Immediate Reinstatement of Mr. Shiota: Labor Win Again in the Hankyu Travel Support Case

Central Labour Relations Commission issued an order on November 29 regarding the unfair labor practice by the Hankyo Travel Support. The case is regarding Mr. Takuji Shiota, a tour conductor of the travel agency and the president of the HTS Local of the National Union of General Workers’ Tokyo Tobu, who was practically fired in 2009 by being suspended from the assignment for allegedly damaging the company's reputation with the interview he gave the "Weekly Kinyobi." The Hankyu Travel Support has been ordered 1) to lift the suspension and duly handle Mr. Shiota as the registered tour conductor and 2) to remunerate him with the estimated one-year salary he was supposed to have earned had he not been suspended. We, the NUGW Tokyo Tobu, urge the Hankyu Travel Support to seriously reflect their wrong doing that was condemned in the present order, following the one of the Tokyo Labor Commission in February this year, and have Mr. Shiota back in his job immediately. (By Sugano, the NUGW Tokyo Tobu)
Photo: Mr. Shiota, center, in the press conference in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare after the release of the order


「週刊金曜日」の取材に応じたことで、阪急トラベルサポートより「アサイン停止」(事実上の解雇)を受けたHTS支部の塩田委員長の不当労働行為事件で、中労委は11月29日命令を交付した。内容は「(1)阪急トラベルサポートは、塩田さんに対して行ったアサイン停止を解除し、塩田さんを同社の登録派遣添乗員として取り扱わなければならない(2)阪急トラベルサポートは、塩田さんが就労していたならば受けるはずであった1年間分の賃金相当額を支払わなければならない」というもの。私たちは、都労委に続き中労委からも不当労働行為を断罪された阪急トラベルサポートに猛省を求めます。その上で、阪急トラベルサポートは塩田さんをただちに職場に戻すべきです。(東部労組・菅野) *写真=命令を受けての記者会見・中央が塩田卓嗣さん(厚労省)

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