Sunday, April 7, 2013

6000 people rally against exclusion of Korean schools from tuition-free high school system

The event was held on March 31 at Tokyo’s Hibiya Park, where 6,000 people gathered to voice against exclusion of Korean schools from tuition-free high school system. The government of ABE Shinzo  revised the ministry order in order to do so. Korean schools have been disputed whether or not to be entitled for free tuition The Abe administration tried to end the ordeal and decided that it would not let them offer free tuition. Mainstream media have slowly lost interest in reporting on this issue, but the Tokyo event showed how people’s interest was rising not to exclude any schools. The students of Korean high schools and their parents have also spoken up. People representing all 10 Korean schools across the country participated in this event. By YUMOTO Masahiro

3 月31日、東京で「朝鮮学校はずしにNO!全国集会&パレード」が開催され、全国から6000名が参加し、会場の東京・日比谷野外音楽堂はぎっしり埋まっ た。安倍政権は政権発足直後、朝鮮高校を「高校無償化」から除外するための省令「改正」を行い、それまで延々と引き伸ばされてきたこの問題を最悪の形で終 わらせようと目論んだ。またマスコミも当初ほどの報道から手を引きつつある中、この集会は無償化排除を許さない新たな闘いの盛り上がりを感じさせた。この 運動をけん引してきたのは、当事者である朝鮮高校生とその親たちである。今集会でも全国の10あるすべての朝鮮高校の代表が参加した。(湯本雅典)

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