Tuesday, April 23, 2013

500 March around 'Dai Nippon Printing Village,' Protesting Disguised Contracting

Some 500 protesters marched around the so-called Dai Nippon Printing Village in Tokyo on April 12. Marchers' chants such as "DNP, take responsibility for disguised contracting!" and "DNP, stop depriving businesses of smaller companies!" echoed in a large area where the headquarters of DNP, one of the largest corporation in Japan, are located with premises of various subsidiaries. Several unions including Zen'insoren (National Confederation of Printing and Publishing Industry Trade Unions) and MIC Union for workers in industries of mass media, information and culture organized the demonstration to support the struggle of HASHIBA Tsuneyuki. Hashiba, 49, a former employee of Nihon Uni-Device temp agency working in a factory of DNP Fine-Electronics, a DNP subsidiary, filed a suit after being fired. Hashiba was paid 1060 yen per hour out of 2100 yen that DPD Fine-Electronics paid to Nihon Uni-Device due to the involvement of DNP Microtechnica, another subsidiary of DNP, in between the two. Saitama Labor Office conducted on-site inspections and determined the case as disguised contracting. DNP Fine-Electronics promised the labor office to take remedies, but, not only having failed to do so, they keep denying in the court the disguised contracting itself. In addition to such disputes over two-tired disguised contracting, DNP Group has been criticized for monopoly: They are said to beat smaller printing companys in bids and offer the same contracts to them by deducting sizable commissions. (By KITA Ken'ichi) Photos (in the full report in Japanese)


「大日本印刷は偽装請負の責任をとれ!」「大日本印刷は中小の仕事をとるな!」 4月12日、関連施設が密集する「大日本ムラ」が、デモ参加者たち500人の声で包まれた。大日本印刷(DNP)を取り囲むデモを呼びかけたのは全印総連、日本文化マスコミ情報労組会議(MIC)など。きっかけはDNPの子会社DNPファインの工場で働き、クビを切られた橋場恒幸さん(49歳)の争議だ。DNPファインで働いていた橋場さんだが、書類上の雇用主は日本ユニ・デバイス。しかもユニとファインのあいだにもう1社、DNPミクロテクニカという会社が入り、DNPファインが払っていた2100円の時給を二重にピンハネ。橋場さんは1060円しか受け取っていなかった。埼玉労働局は立ち入り調査の結果、偽装請負と認定。ファインは是正を約束するが、橋場さんが起こした裁判では手の平を返し「偽装などやってない」と強弁している。DNPグループには、こうした二重偽装請負のほか、中小印刷会社から仕事を取り上げ、取った仕事からピンハネして低価格で再委託することで、利益を独占しているとの批判も絶えない。DNPグループには、こうした二重偽装請負のほか、中小印刷会社から仕事を取り上げ、取った仕事からピンハネして低価格で再委託することで、利益を独占しているとの批判も絶えない。(北健一) 続き

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