Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tokyo Subway Newsstand Vendors on Casual Contract Talk About Strike on Labornet TV

Three of six women vendors of Tokyo subway newsstands who went on strike in March  appeared in the labornet TV program on April 11 (see photo). "We were scared about possible negative impacts of the strike. We were shivering in fact. But we are truly happy with what we have done," they said. They work for Metro Commerce Co., a subsidiary of Tokyo Metro, on limited-term contract. After patiently negotiating with the company to improve the discriminatory conditions imposed on casual workers for years, they went on strike on March 18 in demand for abolishing the retirement age system. (For details of the epoch-making strike, see the article of April 7) "We were afraid that the customers would complain about the inconvenience caused. On the contrary, many of them encouraged us on the following day. Some said they had seen the youtube video and offered handshakes. This made us realize that many people are unsatisfied with their wages, but enduring just like us. We feel as if we had entered into the society for the first time with the strike. We are truly happy with the support extended by so many people. We feel confident and encouraged with the fact that we raised our voice and many people responded to our call," said USHIRO Ryoko, the president of the Metro Commerce local of National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu. The strike resulted in the six-month extension of the contract for SENUMA Kyoko, one of the members. "I think it is worthwhile devoting myself to the labor union movement. I will continue to make efforts for fellow members," said Senuma proudly. (By M)  Photos  Archive video of the program(no subtitles)  Video of the strike (no subtitles)   


「怖かった、足が震えた。でもたたかってよかった」。4月11日の「レイバーネットTV」に出演した東京メトロ売店で働く3人の女性は異口同音に語った(写真)。差別と切り捨てに我慢ならず6人で決行した3月18日のストライキ。日本でも画期的な非正規ストだった。後呂(うしろ)良子委員長は語る。「その翌日、お客に文句を言われるかと思った。でもちがった。動画を見たよ、と握手を求める人もいた。みんな“もっとやれ”という。そうかみんな安い賃金で我慢している人ばかりなんだ。ストライキで初めて世の中に一歩踏みだした気がした。多くの支援がうれしかった。私たちでも発信してこんな大きなことが出来るのだ。自信、力が湧いてきた」。実際、このストライキで会社は譲歩。瀬沼京子組合員の半年間の雇用延長を勝ち取った。瀬沼さんは「ユニオン活動は、人生を賭ける価値あるものと思った。これからも頑張りたい」と胸を張った。(M) 写真速報放送アーカイブ(85分 特集は8分から)3.18ストライキ映像

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