Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Protest Staged against the Basic Energy Plan Approved by “Inmature and Brutal” Cabinet of PM Abe

The Abe administration approved the Basic Energy Plan in the cabinet meeting held on April 11. The plan is to reverse the zero nuclear plants policy widely supported by the general public after the Fukushima nuclear disaster of March 2011 and resume promotion of nuclear power generation. “How come the ministers dare to approve such a plan when causes for the Fukushima disaster are yet to be determined and nobody knows how many more years it will take to fix up and clean up the mess of the accident!?” “Did they forget the Fukushima disaster completely!?” “Repeal the cabinet approval!” - Protesters voiced their anger in the Friday no-nukes demonstration in front of the prime minister's office on the day of the cabinet approval. The plan will benefit those who have imposed on the public an enormous burden of cleaning up the unprecedented nuclear accident and shamelessly kept escaping from taking responsibility. It is hard to recall an administration in the modern history of Japan that was as terrible as the current one: They deceive, intimidate and exploit the general public as if the people were of no value at all. What they do shows no signs of maturity, consideration or dignity a government of a democracy should have. Unless we clean up such a toxic administration soon, the people of Japan will keep seeing a hell. (By shinya)
  Video (by KINOSHITA Masaaki, 5 min., no subtitles)

4 11日、安倍政権は「エネルギー基本計画」を閣議決定した。3.11後の民意、「原発ゼロ」を踏みにじる積極的原発推進計画への転換だ。11 夜の官邸 前金曜行動には、「未だ事故の原因究明さえ出来ず、未だ収拾のめどの立たないのに、なんでこんなことが決められるのか」「福島を忘れてしまったのか」「閣 議決定を白紙に戻せ」との怒りの声が上がった。この「エネ計画」は、人類の歴史に残る大事故の後始末を国民に担わせ、何ら責任を取らない原子力ムラの恥知 らずを再び肥え太らせるものだ。これほど国民を欺き、脅し、搾り取り、虫けらのように扱う、幼稚で乱暴で品位のない政権があっただろうか。危険な安倍政 権、一刻も早く除染しなければ地獄が待っている。(shinya)
 動画(木下昌明撮影 5分)

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