Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Say no to weaponry sale~wounded pacifist constitution further destroyed

The ABE Shinzo government is trying to abolish the principles to ban weaponry export, which have been considered the core of Japan’s pacifist constitution. The principles have been protected for half a century by the past prime ministers. However, the new principles that Abe cabinet was to pass on April 1 are to make it possible to export weaponry to even countries like Israel. About 50 people gathered in front of the prime minister’s official residence in Tokyo in the evening of March 31 to protest (photo). As a woman began reading Article 9, others joined in to recite it: “We renounce war. We renounce the threat or use of force as means of settling disputes. Isn’t this our country that owns this constitution? Japan should lead the world to ban all weaponry that kills mankind, let alone exporting it.” “It is unforgiveable that the New Komeito, which calls itself a pacifist party, joins in on this decision.” Each protester’s anger was surmounting. The survey on the street also shows majority opposing weaponry export, but Abe government is trying to destroy already-wounded constitution further by cabinet consent. (By M) 


平 和憲法の内実のひとつ、半世紀にわたって歴代内閣によって維持されてきた「武器輸出禁止原則」が、国会審議も経ずに撤廃されようとしている。安倍内閣が4 月1日の閣議で決定しようとする「新原則」は、イスラエルへの武器輸出も可能にするもの。3月31日の夜、官邸前には約50人の市民が集まり抗議の声を上 げた(写真)。ある女性が憲法9条を読み上げると全員が声を合わせた。「戦争を放棄する。戦力は持たない。交戦権を認めない。この憲法をもつ国が私たちの 国ではないのか。日本は世界に率先して人を殺す武器を禁止させるべきであり、輸出するなどとんでもない」。「平和の党を名乗る公明党が加担している。許せ ない」。一人ひとりの怒りは大きかった。該当シール投票でも武器輸出反対は多数の声。しかし安倍政権は、閣議決定という姑息な手段を使い、傷だらけの憲法 をさらに壊そうとしている。(M) 

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