Thursday, September 25, 2014

5,500 join anti-war action with sense of crisis and in anger

The venue, Hibiya Open-Air Music Hall in central Tokyo, was filled with people, and still many others were trying to enter it. The action against war and for the defense of Article 9 of the Japan’s peace constitution on September 4, 2014 was joined by 5,500, which was significant to confront Japan’s Prime Minister Abe’s pro-war policies. The action was totally bipartisan, joined by many opposition parties, such as the Democratic Party, the Japanese Communist Party, the Social Democratic Party and the People’s Life First Party, in addition to various trade unions and grassroots organizations. The tense atmosphere in the hall was the sense of crisis toward the Abe Administration. OCHIAI Keiko, a famous writer, appealed, “The Japanese Government puts a gun to the local people, while saying, ‘We are going to protect people’s lives and safety’. They have to stop joking. What they are doing is nothing other than terrorism against democracy”. Then, NAKANISHI Rei, a famous songwriter, read a poem “To Peace Ambassadors!” There were also vivid reports on Okinawa and the Gaza Strip. The venue was full of determination to bring down the current dangerous administration. (M)


日比谷野外音楽堂がぎっしり埋まり、入れない人が外にあふれた。94日の「戦争させない・9条壊すな!総がかり行動」は5500人が集まり、集団的自衛権行使容認・安倍暴走に立ち向かう大きな行動となった。林立するノボリ旗、それらを見ると労組・市民団体が潮流をこえて結集していることがわかる。また民主・共産・社民・生活など政党も足並みを揃えた。会場に張りつめた緊張感、それは戦争政策を進める安倍政権への「危機感」だった。落合恵子さんのスピーチも、いつも以上に怒りがこもる。「辺野古では機関砲を市民に向けている。なにが“国民の命と安全を守るため”かよ! かれらがやっていることこそ民主主義に対するテロリズムではないのか!」。小室等さんの歌、なかにし礼さんの「平和の申し子たちへ!」の詩の朗読もあった。沖縄・ガザからの生々しい報告もあった。会場は一体感に包まれ、みんなで安倍政権を倒そうという気迫に満ちていた。(M

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