Thursday, September 25, 2014

Let’s not allow regulatory authority to pass Sendai plant! ---- People continue protest

 “I’m from Chiba. I finally arrived at the Nuclear Regulatory Authority at 10:30 p.m.  More than 100 people are already raising their voices. 53 people are observing the screening process at the NRA. A protest action will be held until 1 p.m. By all means, please join us if you can!”
 The NRA had received some 17,000 comments from the public about the draft of its inspection report on a restart of the Sendai plant. Nevertheless, at the regular meeting on Sept. 10, the NRA plans to have the regulatory agency report on the response to the public, finalize the inspection results without much consideration or modification and approve of the restart.
 In front of the NRA, citizens’ groups including Saikadososhi-Zenkokunet (National Network Against Restart of Nuclear Plants) and Genshiryokukisei wo kanshisuru shimin-no-kai (group to monitor nuclear regulation) protested during the meeting.
 Flash reports and photos at the NRA (by SATOMI Hiroshi)


「千 葉から参加、10時半にやっと規制委員会に着きました。すでに100名を越える人が抗議の声をあげています。53名の人が傍聴に入っています。抗議行動は 13時まで続きますので、これる人は是非とも来てください(ケータイ速報 : 里見羊)」。川内原発再稼働の審査書案に対して1万7千ものパブコメ意見が規制委に寄せられた。にもかかわらず、規制委は、9月10日の定例会議でパブコ メ回答を規制庁に報告させ、充分な審査書案の修正も検討もせずに「案」をとり審査書を決定して「合格証」を出すつもりだ。規制委前では「再稼働阻止全国 ネットワーク」「原子力規制を監視する市民の会」などが監視・抗議行動を展開した。 速報 *写真=原子力規制委員会前(9日午前・撮影=里見羊)

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