Thursday, September 25, 2014

Yamada Denki “won” the Most Evil Corporation of the Year Award: Lawlessness spreads to workplaces in all around Japan

On September 6, 2014, the “Most Evil Corporation of the Year Award Ceremony” was held in central Tokyo. Among 11 nominated companies and workplaces, Yamada Denki, one of the biggest mass retailers of electric appliances in Japan, “won” the grand prize. Despite that many store managers have committed suicide due to overwork and still many others are on the brink of karoshi, death of overwork, Yamada Denki has not shown any remorse for this terrible situation. The Industry Prize was “awarded” to A1-Pictures and Fuji Beauty (Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic). The Special Prize was “awarded” to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly for insufficient measures against sexual harassment. The “More Effort Needed” Prize was “awarded” to Zensho Holdings that manages Sukiya beef bowl restaurant chain. KAWAZOE Makoto, an executive committee member of the ceremony, commented, “It was very difficult to select relevant companies. Any of them was eligible for the grand prize. This shows the Labor Standards Act is widely violated and many companies are becoming more and more evil in Japan. The power of public opinion and trade unions is absolutely necessary to halt this negative tendency”. (M)
* Photo: “Yamada Denki”, the “winner”. Award received by an understudy



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