Friday, November 6, 2015

Claim back the “8-hour workday” against long working hours

The Labor Consultation Center added “working hours” to labor consultation cases a year ago. The 8-hour workday is the most important workers’ right won by predecessors in the world and Japan. However, actual working hours at various workplaces are astonishing. Two twelve-hour shifts are rampant at hospitals and convenience stores. The 8-hour workday was achieved thanks to the life-sacrificing struggle of workers in Chicago in 1886 and those in Japan before World War II, but it has been ignored by greedy managers. Their greed has been supported by the change of labor laws for the worse under the current Abe administration. In particular, the proposed “Zero Overtime Bill” totally denies the 8-hour workday. We, the Labor Consultation Center, take the struggle and pains of working people seriously and are determined to claim back the 8-hour workday together with them. (Labor Consultation Center)
Photo: 10 hours work without a break? No time for washroom break!



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