Sunday, November 22, 2015

I don’t want to regret it! –TOMIYAMA Masaki talks about his son in SDF

 Tomiyama stood for 90 minutes in front of the Diet on Nov. 11 before he appeared on Labornet TV, making an appeal to lawmakers with banners that read, Do not dishonor Self-Defense Forces for forcing them to violate Article 99 (obligation to respect the constitution)(See photo). The shiatsu masseuse from Fukuoka City conveyed anger of the SDF members who will be forced to execute collective defense against the constitution. NIIKURA Hiroshi, a peace activist in Yokosuka, talked about the survey he and his group conducted. There were 7,300 SDF members who refused to sign the oath when people were transferred from the security forces to SDF. They refused because they did not join SDF to fight in wars.  He said the government needs to renew the swearing-in of the SDF members, while pointing out how the government has failed to do so with a single SDF member. Asked what he discussed with his son, Tomiyama said, I tried to talk to him, but he said nothing. It may be easier for them if they let the military do the thinking. (By M)


 11 月11日のレイバーネットTVに、福岡から飛行機でやってきた自衛官家族・富山正樹さん。早く着いたので、国会・議員会館前に行き、90分間スタンディン グしてきたという。かれが掲げていたのは、「自衛官に憲法99条 尊重擁護義務違反の汚名を着せるな!」という垂れ幕(写真)。憲法違反の集団的自衛権行使を強制される自衛官の怒りを表現していた。横須賀の平和運動家・ 新倉裕史さんは「保安隊から自衛隊になったときには“戦争をするために入ったのではない”と“再宣誓”の署名を拒否した人が7300人もいた。今回も自衛 隊の性格が全く変わるわけだから“再宣誓”が必要。自衛官一人ひとりに意志を聞くべきなのに何もやられていない」と憤る。自衛官の息子とはどんな話をして いるのか、と問われた富山さんは「話したがかれは何も答えなかった。自分の頭で考えるのをやめたほうが軍隊の中では楽なのでしょう」と息子の気持ちを思い やる。(M) 

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