Friday, November 6, 2015

Demanding the “Coalition of opposition parties” – Demonstrators fill the downtown area

On October 18, 2015, an area in front of Shibuya Railway Station in central Tokyo was filled with people who joined the first protest organized by the SEALDs (Students’ Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy) against the “War Bill” that was recently enacted. KOIKE Akira of the Japanese Communist Party, a member of the House of Councilors, emphasized that his party changed thanks to the SEALDs. Then, representatives of five opposition parties joined hands, and the participants chanted, “Coalition of opposition parties now!” Everyone had strong wishes to stop the arrogance of the Abe administration in the next upper house election of the next year. Wakako of the SEALDs expressed her determination, saying, “Thanks to sustained efforts of our predecessors, we enjoy the present peace. It’s our turn now. We never stop thinking or acting”. KOGA Shigeaki, a former METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) official, said, “It is important for the people to control the opposition parties. We want to build a party that truly works for the people”. Although this action was organized by the youth group, there were many senior participants, and the movement of the SEALDs has spread regardless of age. (M)

「野党の共闘」求める大コール~シールズ街宣 渋谷ハチ公前を埋めつくす

1018日(日)午後の東京・渋谷ハチ公前は、人々で埋めつくされた。戦争法案成立後初めてのシールズの街宣行動だった。共産党の小池晃議員は「シールズによって共産党は変わった」と新しい共産党の姿をアピール。野党5党がそろって気勢を上げると、人々から「野党の共闘!野党の共闘!」の大コールが起きた。来年の参院選で安倍の暴走を止めようという人々の思いは強かった。シールズのわかこさんは、「過去の人たちの“不断の努力”の歴史があるから今がある。今は私たちの番だ。思考し行動することを放棄しない」と決意を述べた。古賀茂明さんは記者のインタビューに答えて「国民が野党をコントロールすることが大事。国民のために動く政党をつくっていきたい」と述べ た。中高年の参加者も多く、シールズの運動は年代を超えて大きく広がっていた。 M ピール)

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