Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Workers from the Philippines stand up at Toshiba Fuchu Plant in demand for reinstatement

 “We are human beings!” Workers stood up for their rights at Nakamura painting company, a subsidiary of Toshiba’s Fuchu plant, in Tokyo as the company, faced with illegal accounting and management crisis, decided to terminate their contract. The workers, who have painted elevators for years at the Fuchu plant, were notified of their contract termination as of the end of March. Ten out of all workers joined Fuchu Emergency Haken Village Union on March 7 to establish Kabisig (Solidarity, moving forward together in Tagalog) branch. The union went to their workplace, Toshiba Fuchu Office, on March 16, to file a demand, but the company refused to accept the demands and to meet for collective bargaining. The workers protested, raising union flags reading, “Kabisig” (See photo). This is when vulnerable workers protested for the first time against their company. (By M)

私たちは人間 だ!解雇撤回!~東芝府中工場のフィリピン労働者が立ち上がる

か、大リ ストラを推進し、そのしわ寄せを労働者に押しつけてきた。東京・府
中工場で長年エレベーター塗装の 仕事をしてきた「中村塗装店」も下請け契約
働 組合「KABISIG(カビシギ)分会」 を結成した。組合名はタガログ語で「一
緒に進む。団結」の意味で ある。316日には、かれらの職場である「東芝府中
事業所」に出向き要請行動を行なったが、東芝は 「当社は関係ない。会わない
し、要請は受け取らない」と門前払いだった。フィリピン労働者は、ガー ドマ
(写真)。もっとも 弱い立場のかれらが初めて会社にNO! を突きつけた瞬間

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