Tuesday, July 19, 2016

“Remove the obstacles” – Voice of Okinawa recorded

“The people in the mainland Japan have done and said the same thing repeatedly. Then, they say sorry while stepping on our feet. But before saying sorry, remove their feet”.
“Okinawa has still been in the state of war for 71 years since the end of World War II. We have no words to express our grief. This is not a natural disaster but a man-made disaster”.
“Remove the military bases that are the root of all evils. This is a road to happiness not only for Okinawa but for the mainland Japan. Japan is not a sovereign state yet”.
“The biggest problem is the indifference of the Japanese people”.
A video in which these comments are recorded has been uploaded by MIYUKI Emi, a LaborNet Japan member. She conducted the interviews at the “Okinawan people’s rally to commemorate the rape victim (by a former US marine) and demand the withdrawal of the US marines from Okinawa”, which was held on June 19, 2016. Miyuki says, “I would like as many people as possible to think about US base issues and war through these interviews”. (Editorial Department)  Video (8 minutes and 18 seconds)


「何回も同じことをして、何回も同じことを言ってきた。そのたびに本土は沖縄 の足を踏みながら、すいませんという。でもすいませんという前に、踏みつけて いる足をどかしてほしい」「71年経っても沖縄では戦争状態が続いている。言葉 にならない悔しさ。これは天災ではなく人災です」「諸悪の根源の基地をなくす こと。それは沖縄だけでなく本土も幸せになる道。日本はまだ主権国家ではな い」「日本人の無関心、それが一番の問題だ」。こうした沖縄の人たちの生の声 を収録した動画がアップロードされた。収録したのは、レイバーネット会員の見 雪恵美さんで、6月19日の「被害者を追悼し、海兵隊の撤退を求める県民大会」 でインタビューしたもの。見雪さんは「このインタビュー動画を通して多くの 方々に、基地や戦争について考えてほしい」と語っている。(編集部)  動画(8分18秒)

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