Monday, February 27, 2017

Tokyo District Court should respond to the desperate appeal of non-regular employees!

Just before the verdict on March 23, Labornet TV aired on Feb. 8 the program, “End discrimination! Win the Metro Commerce lawsuit!” Being asked the present sentiment, the Metro Commerce union president USHIRO Ryoko said, “It was so hard for non-regular employees to file a lawsuit. We don’t have enough time because we are working. Besides, we have no money. Under such condition we have been fighting for 2 years and 8 months, but to tell the truth, we borrowed money to bring this suit, at the risk of our lives…." Then she was filled with emotion and could not continue her words. “Come on!” a voice broke out from the gallery. Ushiro pulled herself together and continued: “We have been insisting at the risk of our lives that what is strange is strange. We believe that justice is with us. We wish the court to write the verdict sincerely. The court should show justice.” The vendors of Tokyo Metro station kiosks had no choice but to accept the wage, which was half of the regular employees for doing the same work for more than 10 years. Labornet TV program No.113 became one filled with song, anger and tears.  (By M)


トロコマース裁判~歌でかちとれ 勝利判決」を放送した。今の思いを聞かれて後呂

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