Sunday, February 12, 2017

We refuse a society where government monitors even inside our mind〜340 gather for an event to never allow espionage act through Diet

 Some 340 people listened to lawyers, lawmakers and other speakers including former justice minister HIRAOKA Hideo and leaders of four political parties who warned about the espionage act, which is feared to make conspiring a crime, at the event held on Jan. 20. “We should not let the Abe government pass this dangerous legislation,” they said. “We must fight hard against it.”
 Lawyer KAITO Yuichi (see photo) called this bill, “Public Peace Preservation Law of the Heisei Era,” and spoke of the risks it imposes on us.  
 “The criminal law is supposed to punish those who have already committed a crime. That’s the principle of the law,” Kaito said. “However, this bill is set to penalize anyone who even attempts to commit a crime. It also subjects nearly 600 acts as punishable offenses. This poses a grave concern. If the government is worried about terrorist attacks, Sarin-gas attacks or hijacks, it can do away with them under the current law, which is already sufficient.” What is especially dangerous is that the police are going to monitor daily conversations or email exchanges among the citizens in order to detect any crime attempts. With this, we will be deprived of our liberty and freedom, and we will end up being monitored inside our minds. (By M)

心の中が監視される社会はゴメン!~「共謀罪の国会提出 を許さない集会」に340

120日の国会開会日に開かれた「話し合うことが 罪になる-共謀罪の国会提出を許さない院内集会」。会場の参院 会館講堂は立ち見まで出る340人が集まり、危機感の広がりを感じ させた。講演に立った海渡雄一弁護士(写真)は共謀罪を「平成の 治安維持法」と呼び、その危険性をわかりやすく訴えた。「刑法 の体系は実際に犯罪を犯した既遂を罰するのが原則。それを600も の犯罪対象で未遂まで処罰することは、体系の否定であり大問題 だ。テロ対策は爆発物・サリン・ハイジャックなど今の法律で十分 対処できる」。とくに怖いのは「未遂を捜査するために警察は市 民の会話・メールまで日常的にチェックすること。市民の自由が 奪われ、心の中まで監視される社会になってしまうことだ」とい う。集会では元法務大臣の平岡秀夫氏や野党4党代表も発言。「危 険な共謀罪を戦争推進の安倍政権に渡してはならない。法案の国 会提出を許さないたたかいが重要だ」と異口同音に語られた。 (M

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