Saturday, October 21, 2017

Joint statement for general election from4Unions in Katsushika, Tokyo : We will never allow Japan to become a “a country which wages war”

 On Sep. 28th, the Abe administration dissolved the House of Representatives at the beginning of the extraordinary Diet session, without answering questions about suspicions concerning Moritomo Gakuen and Kake Gakuen schools, and the former-Defense Minister INADA. In this general election Prime Minister Abe and the ruling party are aiming to amend the Constitution. We cannot tolerate it, because by newly defining the Self Defense Forces in the Constitution while retaining Article 9, paragraphs 1 and 2, they aim to  transform Japan into a country that can wage war. Up to now, the Abe administration has forced unconstitutional bills, one after another, such as the Specific Secret Protection Act, the Cabinet decision to approve the exercise of the right of collective self-defense, the establishment of the "War Law", and the establishment of the "Conspiracy Act", all intended  to change Japan into “a country that can wage a war”. The final step is the amendment of Article 9. We, four labor union federations in Katsushika, Tokyo, will make our best efforts in this general election campaign to boost the public opinion in opposition to the Constitutional amendment, and for the abolition of the "War Law" and the “Conspiracy Act”.
 ( From the joint statement )


安倍政権は、9月28日、森友・加計疑惑や稲田防衛相らの責任追及に応えること なく、臨時国会の冒頭で衆議院を解散しました。今回の総選挙で安倍首相と与党は改憲を狙っています。9条1項、2項を残しながら、新たに自衛隊保持を憲法に明記することで、9条を根本的に変質させ、日本を「戦争する国」に転換しようとする重大な狙いを持っており、断じて容認できません。この間、安倍政権は、特定秘密保護法成立、集団的自衛権の行使容認の閣議決定、「戦争法」成立、「共謀罪」法成立など、つぎつぎと憲法違反の悪法を強行して、「戦争する国」づくりをすすめてきました。その総仕上げが9条改憲です。私たち葛飾区内で組織する4つの労働団体は、今回の総選挙にあたって、憲法改悪反対、「戦争法」廃止、「共謀罪」法廃止の世論を盛り上げるために、力を尽くします。(共同アピールより)

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