Monday, October 9, 2017

Views lacking in reports on North Korea, the Japanese government, mainstream dailies〜Column “NORIMATSU Satoko’s eyes”

NORIMATSU Satoko at Peace Philosophy Center in Vancouver has been writing a series of column in Ryukyu Shimpo. Of that, I’d like to introduce one published on Sept. 19 on “Japanese and American media need self-discipline on biased reports on North Korea.” I felt that this is exactly what the Japanese government and Japanese mainstream media lack in North Korea-related reports. In other words, they lack consideration for the thousands of citizens in the Korean Peninsula and perception not to threaten the lives of the people. Has there been even a time when Prime Minister Abe or his surroundings ever expressed that view, which even Russian and American politicians have. Japanese newspapers are saying how the Japanese government should monitor China in order to successfully discipline North Korea. How do they think they can monitor China and what kind of privilege does Japan have to do that any way? I’m almost certain that Japan, at least majority of its citizens, does not want a military action but to resolve this conflict through diplomatic dialogue....(By HASEGAWA Sumi)
Photo: Norimatsu Satoko

北朝鮮報道、日本政府や大新聞に欠けている視点~コ ラム「乗松聡子の眼」

載している「乗松聡子の 眼」というコラムの919日に「偏向する北朝鮮報道、米日
日本の大新聞の朝鮮関係報道に最も欠けている視点だ と感じた。つまり、朝鮮、韓
国に住む、何千万の、政治に関係のな い一般市民を思いやる視点、その人たちの生
活を脅かしたくない という視点だ。ロシアやアメリカの政治家にさえある、その視

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