Saturday, October 21, 2017

“We’ll never give up, never be beaten! Go on fighting!” ~NAKANO Koichi encourages viewers on Labornet TV

“I feel a little happier now.” “I am somewhat relieved.”  The audience uttered  words of relief on October 11 just after the broadcast by the Labornet TV. [how do you know??]  The theme of the day’s program was “How to see the coming election. What is our choice?” The guest speaker was NAKANO Koichi, one of the facilitators of Shimin Rengo (Civil Alliance for Peace and Constitutionalism). “The Democratic Party collapsed overnight, and I felt hopeless,” he confessed. “But I was relieved that The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan was established. The party has no money, no organization and no office, because the representative of the Democratic Party, MAEHARA took over the Democratic Party. What was most severe for us was the lack of  time. But we have held on, and support from the citizens has enabled us to persevere.”  Still, the situation is severe.  Even if all the candidates of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan win their seats, the opposition forces against the constitutional amendment will decline, failing to reach one-third of the congressional seats. NAKANO continued, “The Abe administration has not been able to amend the constitution yet, even with over two-thirds of the seats, because it is not confident of victory in the national referendum.  We can still hold on. We will resist stubbornly. We will never be beaten even if we don’t win. Let us never give up fighting.” (Labornet TV Project)

「負けない あきらめない闘いをつくっていこう」〜レイバーネットTVで中野晃一さん

「気持ちが明るくなった」「スッキリした」、1011日のレイバーネットTVが終わったあとにギャラリーから寄せられた感想だった。この日のテーマは「総選挙をどうみるか、私たちの選択は?」で、ゲストは「市民連合」世話人の中野晃一さん(写真)。中野さんは「民進党が一夜にして壊され目の前が真っ暗になった」と述懐。でも「立憲民主党ができたのでホッとした。前原氏が党を乗っ取ってしまったので、立憲民主党はお金も組織も事務所もない。一番厳しいのは時間がなかったことだ。でもよくここまで頑張った。それは市民の支えがあったから」と語った。しかし状況は厳しい。仮に立憲民主党が全員当選しても「改憲反対勢力」は今より小さくなり三分の一まで届かない。中野さんは続けた。「安倍政権はいまも三分の二の勢力をもちながら改憲できないのは、国民投票で勝つ自信がないから。まだまだ頑張れる。私たちはしぶとく抵抗し、勝たなくても“負けない あきらめない闘いをつくっていこう」と呼びかけた。(レイバーネットTVプロジェト)

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