Saturday, October 21, 2017

Labornet TV program No. 124 How do we view the general election 2017?--Our Choice at the election

The upcoming election will be featured on the Labornet TV program on Oct.11.
“Abe will win if he calls a snap election now!” “Abe wants to fend off criticism over the favoritism scandals involving Kake Educational Institution and Morimoto Gakuen.”  For these very reasons, the Abe administration forcefully dissolved the Lower House at the extraordinary Diet session without Diet deliberations., provoking political turmoil.  The establishment of a new political party, Kibo-no-to (Party of Hope) on Sep.27 and the alignment of the Democratic Party of Japan with Kibo-no-to made the main opposition party disappear in just one night.  Before joining Kibo-no-to, DPJ members were forced to sign an allegiance pledge, in which they were asked to stand by the party’s policies, such as agreeing on the security legislation and the constitutional revision. Although Kibo-no-to is losing momentum, the possibility has been raised that an ‘Imperial Rule Assistant Association (Taisei Yokusankai)’ type of coalition aiming for the constitutional revision will be born among four political parties---Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Komeito, Nihon-Ishin-no-kai and Kibo-no-to.  Will Japan change quickly into a country that can wage a war?  It was a new political party, the Constitutional Democratic Party (CDC) that stood up resolutely in midst of such a political crisis.   The lower house election battle has now come to take the shape of a battle between the three opposition parties--CDC, Japan Communist Party (JCP), and the Socialist Democratic Party (SDP) together with ‘Shimin Rengo’ (Civil Alliance for Peace and Constitutionalism) vs advocates of  Constitutional revision.  How should we see and respond to such a political situation?  We would like to think about it together with Koichi NAKANO (facilitator for the Civil Alliance for Peace and Constitutionalism) as our guest. (Labornet TV Project)

レイバーネットTV番組案内 : 総選挙をどうみるか、私たちの選択は?

11日のレイバーネットTVは「総選挙」を取り上げる。「今なら勝てる」「モリカケから逃げたい」。それだけで理由で、国会審議を吹っ飛ばして臨時国会冒頭に解散を強行した安倍政権。ところがそのあと政局は大激震となった。927日の「希望の党」結成と民進党の合流で、野党第一党が一夜にしてなくなってしまった。希望の党入党にあたって民進党議員に突きつけられたのは「安保法制賛成・改憲」の踏み絵だった。希望の党が失速ぎみとはいえ、今回の選挙で「自公希維」の「改憲・大政翼賛会」が生まれる可能性が出てきた。日本は戦争する国に一挙にすすむのか? その危機的状況のなかで毅然と立ち上がったのが立憲民主党だった。いまたたかいの構図は「野党3党(立憲民主党・共産党・社民党)+市民連合」vs「改憲勢力」となった。私たちはこの事態をどうみたらいいのか、どう関わっていったらいいのか。市民連合世話人の中野晃一さんをゲストに一緒に考えてみたい。(レイバーネットTVプロジェクト)

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