Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Melsmon Pharmaceutical, withdraw unlawful dismissal! – In support of unfairly dismissed worker

In September 2017, SHIMAZU Yoko, a member of the National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu, was dismissed by Melsmon Pharmaceutical on the ground of obviously discriminatory reasons, such as “no training for part-timers” and “we prefer a younger one”, despite her contribution for 14 years with 19 contract updates. Melsmon’s behavior also violates Article 18 of the revised Labor Contract Act, which will be enforced in April this year and provides the “shift to a full-time basis after five years’ work”. Shimazu has conducted collective bargaining five times with the management, demanding the withdrawal of her dismissal and her return to the workplace, but been unsuccessful in reaching an agreement. Therefore, she appealed to the Tokyo District Court. Her first hearing started on March 14, 2018. Before the hearing, there was a rally to support Shimazu and her attorney, KAWAMURA Takeo. (NAGASAKI Hiroshi, Tokyo Tobu) 
* Photo: Shimazu Yoko (Center)



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