Sunday, March 4, 2018

Chinese technical intern fights sexual harassment

On February 23rd,  a hearing was held on a sexual harassment complaint brought by a Chinese technical intern at Mito District Court in Ibaragi Prefecture. The plaintiff “A” is a Chinese woman in her thirties who came to Japan on September 13th 2013 as a technical intern and started to work on a vegetable farm in Moriya City, Ibaragi Prefecture from October 16th of that year. Immediately after starting to work, she was sexually harassed by the employer “B.” She complained to the intermediary organization, Tsubasa Cooperative, but nothing was done. The sponsoring organization changed her workplace, but after January 18th, 2015 A was not assigned to a job. So, she was able to work only one year and three months of her three year internship in Japan. In September 2016 her period of stay expired and she had to return to China. Before returning to her country, she got in touch with a support group for technical interns. Her case was taken up in the media and she filed a lawsuit seeking to unpaid wages and sexual harassment damages. (MATSUMOTO Hiromi)
 Photo: Notice board of the Mito District Court



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