Sunday, March 4, 2018

Seeking retrial of the Sayama Case by the end of this year!

Nearly 300 people met in the Taito City Community Hall on February 23rd for the Tokyo Rally for the Retrial of the Sayama Case.  On May 1st 1963,  a high school girl was kidnapped in Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture. She was later found buried in a farm road. Just as in a previous case, the police failed to arrest the perpetrator at the ransom drop-off point. Facing severe criticism, they  targeted the discriminated “buraku” area in Sayama City. A twenty four year old buraku youth, ISHIKAWA Kazuo was arrested for another incident and was finally forced to confess to the murder. He pleaded  innocent at the court, but was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1974. 55 years after the incident, Ishikawa is still asking for a retrial of his case. Having spent most of his life in jail, he is on parole now. He attended the rally with his wife Sachiko and gave a lively speech. “Recently, my wife gets tired easily, so yesterday I laid her futon for the first time. I never get tired, because I exercise hard every day.” “When I get a not-guilty verdict, I will jump into a bath tub filled with beer.” (Y)



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