Saturday, November 29, 2008

“JR East is Terrible enough to Punish only for Badge!” ~ Appeal with Rage in Front of JR East HQ

Tsujii Yoshiharu, who got a 10-day suspension for putting a Kokuro (National Railworkers’ Union) badge, and his supporters staged a one-day protest against East Japan Railway Company (JR East) on November 5. The Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Relations Commission judged in favor of Mr. Tsujii on March 27, 2008. He said, “My salary for this month is 120,000 yen, half of the usual amount due to the punishment. Despite the commitment of JR to compliance, it actually reveals its lack of morality without following the order from the labor relations commission”. JR East deployed an excessively large number of guards against the protesters heading to the entrance to the headquarters (photo). In addition, JR East even refused to accept any letters, with its undemocratic nature being exposed. Passers-by were very surprised at the appeal, “JR East is a terrible company enough to punish an employee only for putting a badge” and gazed up at the huge JR East H
R Building. (SASAKI Yumi) - Video (UnionTube)

「JR東はバッジで処分するひどい会社です!」~怒りの訴え 本社前に響く

 国労バッジ着用で10日間の出勤停止処分を受けた辻井義春さんと支援者は、11月5日、JR東日本への一日抗議行動を行なった。バッジ処分については、3月27日都労委が辻井さん側に勝利命令を出している。辻井さんは「今月の賃金は処分のためいつもの半分の12万円。JRは法令遵守を謳っているが、実際は都労委命令にも従わないモラルのない会社だ」とマイクで訴えた。申入れのため本社玄関前に向かう一行(写真)に対して、会社は多数のガードマンを配置し過剰警備。しかも申入れ書も一切受け取らない非常識な対応だった。「JR東日本はバッジで処分するひどい会社です」と訴えると、通行人はビックリしてJR東の巨大なビルを見上げていた。(佐々木有美) ・動画(UnionTube)

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