Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Surrounding the Supreme Court with ribbons to appeal against gender-based wage discrimination.

On October 22 at 11am, blue skies were visible as women surrounded the Supreme Court, holding ribbons and chanting “Fair days pay for women’s work!” (see photo). The Supreme Court is currently hearing two cases of gender-based wage discrimination: Mitsue Nozaki vs. Showa Shell Sekiyu; and Kanematsu Corporation. Despite both cases achieving partial victories in the high courts, the judge limited their victory by ruling that discrimination before the enactment of the Law for Equal Employment Opportunity would not be considered. One hundred and twenty people, mainly women, gathered to support the plaintiffs and to appeal to the Supreme Court. The organiser Yasuko Yunoki, emphasised that this case will lead to changing structural wage discrimination in various types of employment, including regular employees, non-regular and part-time. Source: UnionTube video and Show Shell Labour Union homepage.

動画(UnionTube) ・昭和シェル労組HP 

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