Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let’s change society to change politics! Two thousand participants speak out against poverty and for social reform.

 On October 19, approximately 2000 people participated in a mass meeting against poverty and for social reform, held in Meiji Park in Tokyo. The event was lively throughout the day with music, a rally, stalls, subcommittee meetings and a parade. People in wheelchairs and the elderly were a visible presence, and the event was a space for the socially vulnerable to speak out directly. There were 12 subcommittees, but the Labour subcommittee, in particular, attracted many participants. The harsh reality of the workplace and the struggles inspired there were highlighted. Makoto Yuwasa powerfully declared that: “I’m sick of losing because of the small differences. Let’s go beyond these walls and find our peers on the other side. We can all take one step closer towards this goal. Let’s change society and we can change politics”. Participants, with their originally designed merchandise in hand, made their way to the demonstration in Shibuya.



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