Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Three arrested attempting to view Prime Minister Aso’s mansion.

 On October 26, I went on a “Reality Tour” march to see Taro Aso’s grand mansion. I was curious to see what the 6.2 billion yen mansion looked like. We gathered around the Hachiko statue by Shibuya Station and set off on the Tour. I was towards the back of the march, and we attracted curious onlookers. One group of high school students (I assume) asked me what we were marching for. I replied that we were on the “Taro Aso Mansion Reality Tour”, to which they asked, “But, why are there so many police?” I didn’t really know so I told them to ask the police directly, but the police had nothing to say. It was in the midst of this kind of conversation that a sudden commotion erupted towards the front of the march. Before I knew what was happening, three people had been arrested. I can’t believe this outrage: people were arrested for walking down a public street and trying to see Aso’s mansion! (Reported by Furuta)
* The photo is of the arrests (source: TBS Television)  
* animation 

 10月26日、麻生総理邸宅見学ツアーに行ってきました。62億円の大邸宅とはどんなものかと好奇心丸出しで野次馬根性で参加しました。 渋谷駅ハチ公前に集まっていよいよ出発しました。私はツアーの後ろのほうで歩いていて、通行人も珍しそうにみていました。女子高生らしき人から「これは何ですか」「麻生総理大臣宅の見学会です」「でもなぜ警察官がこんなについているんですか」「さあ警察官に聞いてください」、おまわりさん無言。 こんな会話をしながら歩いていると、突然前方が騒がしくなりました。3名が突然逮捕されたというのです。公道を歩いているだけで、麻生総理宅を見学するだけで逮捕されるという、とんでもない出来事が起きてしまったのです。(古田)

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