Monday, February 8, 2010

“Making society fairer and more peaceful” ? Secretary General Suzuki of Sapporo General Union

Suzuki Hajime, Secretary General of the Sapporo General Union and a member of LaborNet Japan, was extensively reported in the “Gendai Kawaraban (Modern bulletin board)” column of Hokkaido Shimbun on January 6, 2010 (Photo). The report says, “The Sapporo General Union is a joint union mainly for small and medium-sized businesses and individual workers. It has approximately 100 locals, joined by approximately 2,600 members”, “20 years have passed since Mr. Suzuki became a full-time official of the union in 1990. He has established approximately 200 unions and taken as long as 1 year and a half for forming a union”, and “The role of trade unions according to Mr. Suzuki is to make the society fairer and more peaceful. As long as they pursue social justice, they are supposed to support people who are troubled at their workplaces”. Sapporo General Union Webpage

 1月6日「北海道新聞」の「現代かわら版」シリーズで、札幌地域労組書記長の鈴木一さん(レイバーネット会員)が大きく紹介された(写真)。以下、記事から一部紹介する。「札幌地域労組は、中小企業の労組を中心に、個人加入者も束ねる合同労組。札幌近郊の約100職場に支部などがあり、約2600人が加盟している」「1990年に同労組の専従者になって今年で20年。約200の労組をつくり、一番長いときで結成まで1年半かけた」「鈴木さんが考える“労組の役割”。それはー。“この社会を、少しでも公正で平和なものに近づけること。社会正義を目指せば、足下の職場で困っている人たちを助けざるを得ないはずだから”」 札幌地域労組HP

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