Monday, May 17, 2010

Be company slave! – Military-like training for new recruits at “Ohsho Food Service”

On April 11, 2010, a program of Nippon Television “The Sunday NEXT” (photo) showed training for new recruits at “Ohsho Food Service”. They have their mobile phones confiscated and are prohibited from watching TV, drinking or smoking like in the military. They start their daily schedule at 6:30 AM from running and are severely reprimanded and reviled during training. On the last day of the training, they are required to read their goals loudly. At that time, their identities are eliminated, resulting in the completion of their enslavement. This kind of thing is being carried out not only at Ohsho but also at many other companies. It seems that companies are destroying the spirit of workers itself before they join a union to expand their ordinary rights. Can you afford to leave this? (Posted by C) TV image (YouTube)

 4月11日の日本テレビ  「TheサンデーNEXT」(写真)にて「餃子の王将」における新人研修の模様が写された。軍隊さながら携帯を没収、テレビ、酒、タバコを禁止され朝6時半からランニングにはじまり、激しい叱責罵倒のなか研修がおこなわれる、最終日には自己目標を大声で読み上げさせられ、その頃には新人のアイデンティティは抹消され、完全な奴隷の出来上がりである。このような事は王将だけではなく多くの企業において行われている現状がある、労働者が労働組合に入り、当たり前の権利を拡大する前に、企業が労働者の精神そのものを破壊しているようにみえてならなかった。これを放っておいていいのでしょうか。(投稿・C) TV映像(YouTube)

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